NVZ 2017 Methodology Statements

Environment Agency report and recommendations to DEFRA of the Review of Nitrate Vulnerable Zone designations for implementation in 2017

This report sets out the Environment Agency’s recommendations to Defra. It summarises the processes followed and their outcomes in the review of Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) designations made under the Nitrate Pollution Prevention Regulations 2015.


Full details of the Methods used to identify relevant waters and the land draining to those waters, are published by Defra as part of the information supporting the Secretary of State’s proposals for revising or adding to NVZ designations (Defra, 2016).

Methods for how the 2017 Nitrate Vulnerable Zones where designated

National Environment and Agricultural Procedure - Nitrate (Neap-N) report gives the estimates of average nitrate leached from agricultural land used in the analysis.

Statistical Methods

Review of the 43mg/l threshold for Groundwater NVZ assessment