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EATimeSeriesDataExchangeFormat.1.3.2.xsd - 28 March 2011

An update was produced to fix a small typo in the Units section, adding l/s/m" (Litres per second per metre) to replace the incorrectly specified "l/m/s". Only affected users need upgrade their schema.

EATimeSeriesDataExchangeFormat.1.3.1.xsd - 19 November 2010

This minor revision includes references to the Environment Agency's new merged region (Environment Agency South East) and a new DataPeriodIntervalType of 5 days to support forecasting.
Whereas we recommend users to keep up to date with the major releases of the schema, in this instance that is not the case.

Time Series Data Transfer XML Schema V1.3

Current version of the schema

Time Series Data Transfer XML Schema V1.2

EATimeSeriesDataExchangeFormat V1.2 (Zip, 8KB, 2 seconds) 
Previous version of the schema, following minor updates in Summer 2006. Released 3rd October 2006.

Change log for Version 1.2 (Text, 1KB, 2 seconds)
Details of what changes have been made and why. The plain English guide has not been updated yet to reflect these and other changes.  Please contact data.policy@environment-agency.gov.uk for further information

Time Series Data Transfer XML Schema V1.1 (Original)

This schema is used to supply the base building data structures for time-series data exchange within, to and from the Environment Agency.


To define the elements required for Environment Agency Metadata and to allow their inclusion/import into other EA Schema.
Metadata (Text, 7KB, 2 secs)


This document has been written to introduce you to the Environment Agency’s data standard for the exchange of Environmental Time-Series Data. This data standard has been agreed after consultation with a number of interested parties and is designed to exchange data between a number of key data gathering, modelling and archiving systems. The aim of this document is to give you a “Plain English” description of the data standard. This should enable you to exchange data with the Agency or other parties who use the format. As you read through this you will be talked through the options that are available so that you can create your own files or read other people’s files.
Time Series Schema Description 1.1.1 (Acrobat, 296KB, 2 mins)


Analysis tool designed to check the validity and content of XML documents against the time-series Schema. Includes also functionality to mark-up XML documents into spreadsheets and other text formats by applying stylesheets to the document. Written in VBA for Excel.
Document Analyser (MS Excel, 311KB, 2 mins)