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Business Continuity Management

Information for Environment Agency staff about disruptions or incidents. The information on this page can also be accessed by calling the staff information line: 0800 917 1704

Current Issues

Last Updated 20:52 29/09/2016

Lateral, Leeds.

The repairs to the heating system on the 2nd floor South wing will not be completed by tomorrow morning. Please consider working in a cooler location in the building, from another office or from home. Discuss your working arrangements with your line manager. If you are planning to visit Lateral, please check there is available space to work or your meeting has not been cancelled before travelling. We will keep you informed of developments during the day. Your welfare is our priority

17:10 20/09/2016


Following the thunderstorms on Thursday 15th September there are various on going issues with the site at Rivers House Blandford, including power outages, network disruption and the fire alarm system being off line. The building at Rivers House Blandford has been struck by lightning which has knocked the fire alarm system off line. The Blandford office remains open but at present the automated fire alarms aren’t working. This fault is likely to be in place for the next 2 months. Rivers House remains open for business but we are relying on staff to be extra vigilant during this time. Please refer to local communications coming out from the Recovery Group and ensure you comply with all emergency procedures that have been put in place.