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      National Test 05

      13:37 on 25 Jul 2014

      Location:  National Test 05 - This is a test message

    • No warnings

      North Cave Beck at North Cave

      08:22 on 22 Jul 2014

      Location:  Properties on Denmark Rise, Mill Lane, Church Street, Blanshards Lane, Townend Lane and Newport Road are at risk of flooding.

    • No warnings

      Blackburn Brook Catchment

      12:22 on 21 Jul 2014

      Location:  Blackburn Brook from High Green to Meadowhall, including Charlton Brook, Ecclesfield Brook and Whitley Brook

1 - 10 of 714

Key to flood warnings

Severe Flood Warning Severe Flood Warning
Severe flooding. Danger to life.
Flood Warning Flood Warning
Flooding is expected. Immediate action required
Flood Alert Flood Alert
Flooding is possible. Be prepared
Warning no Longer in Force
Warning has been removed in the last 24 hours

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