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      Upper River Tamar

      17:07 on 23 Jun 2016

      Location:  Bude, Helebridge, Bridgerule, Canworthy Water and Yeolmbridge

    • No warnings

      Midford Brook Catchment

      09:52 on 19 Jun 2016

      Location:  River Cam, Wellow and Midford Brooks and tributaries

    • No warnings

      River Chew Catchment

      10:52 on 17 Jun 2016

      Location:  River Chew from Chew Stoke to Keynsham, Chew Stoke Stream and Winford Brook

    • No warnings

      Lower Bristol Avon Area

      10:52 on 17 Jun 2016

      Location:  Lower River Avon, River Boyd, By and Brislington Brooks and tributaries

    • No warnings

      West Dorset Rivers and Streams

      18:37 on 13 Jun 2016

      Location:  the Rivers Lim, Char, Winniford, Simene, Brit, Asker, Mangerton and Bride

    • No warnings

      Mid Bristol Avon Area

      11:22 on 14 May 2016

      Location:  Mid River Avon and tributaries including Melksham and Bradford on Avon

1 - 10 of 554

Key to flood warnings

Severe Flood Warning Severe Flood Warning
Severe flooding. Danger to life.
Flood Warning Flood Warning
Flooding is expected. Immediate action required
Flood Alert Flood Alert
Flooding is possible. Be prepared
Warning no Longer in Force
Warning has been removed in the last 24 hours

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