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22:22 on 28 Oct 2016  Pages are updated every 15 minutes

River Thames at Bisham village and Marlow town

  • Current status:

    No warning

    Flood status last changed at  19:25 on 01 Jan 2013

  • Location:

    River Thames around Bisham village, Bisham Abbey, Stoney Ware areas in Bisham, Marlow Bridge, Bream Close, Trout Close and Pound Crescent areas as well as the Thames Industrial Estate and Dedmere, Fieldhouse and Westhorpe Farm areas of Marlow

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  • Region:


  • Floodline:

    Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188, select option 1 and enter Quickdial number 173102 to get more information

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  • Previous statuses:

    • Warning no longer in force 18:32 on 31 Dec 2012
    • Flood Warning 18:06 on 26 Dec 2012
    • No warning 11:25 on 02 Dec 2012
    • Warning no longer in force 11:20 on 01 Dec 2012
    • Flood Warning 09:45 on 29 Nov 2012