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12:37 on 28 May 2016  Pages are updated every 15 minutes

River Cole and Dorcan Brook

  • Current status:

    Flood Alert

    Flood Alert

    Flood status last changed at  12:57 on 27 May 2016

  • Location:

    River Cole and The Dorcan Brook for the East Swindon Area down to above Buscot Wick

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  • Region:


Latest Information:

  • The river and flooding forecast is as follows: Further heavy rain has been forecast for today and tomorrow over the Swindon area. If we receive the rainfall over the Swindon area, river levels in the River Cole are likely to rise reasonably quickly and could result in flooding low lying areas and roads. No property flooding is currently expected. The weather prospects are for some slow moving, heavy showers and thunderstorms to develop both Saturday and Sunday afternoons and continue into the evenings.

    10:22 on 28 May 2016

  • Previous statuses:

    • No warning 21:22 on 14 May 2016
    • Warning no longer in force 20:46 on 13 May 2016
    • Flood Alert 13:24 on 11 May 2016
    • No warning 10:22 on 30 Mar 2016
    • Warning no longer in force 09:53 on 29 Mar 2016