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River Pang from East Ilsley to Pangbourne and Sulham Brook

  • Current status:

    Flood Alert

    Flood Alert

    Flood status last changed at  20:03 on 01 Jan 2014

  • Location:

    River Pang from East Ilsley to Pangbourne, including Compton, Hampstead Norreys, Frilsham, Bucklebury, Stanford Dingley, Bradfield and Tidmarsh; and the Sulham Brook from Theale to Pangbourne including Sulham

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Latest Information:

  • The river and flooding forecast is as follows: Levels on the River Pang are still high and steady, particularly in the Tidmarsh area, as a result of high local groundwater levels. The levels remain sensative to further rainfall. The flooding of low lying land and roads may continue in some places for many days. The weather prospects are: For a dry day today but for heavy and patchy rain forecast for Sunday.

    15:24 on 19 Apr 2014

  • Previous statuses:

    • No warning 09:22 on 31 Dec 2013
    • Warning no longer in force 08:39 on 30 Dec 2013
    • Flood Alert 20:07 on 23 Dec 2013
    • No warning 10:10 on 23 Apr 2013
    • Warning no longer in force 09:12 on 22 Apr 2013