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Local flood information

05:22 on 18 Dec 2014  Pages are updated every 15 minutes

River Thames for Henley, Remenham, Medmenham and its tributaries

  • Current status:

    No warning

    Flood status last changed at  15:37 on 29 Apr 2014

  • Location:

    River Thames for Henley, Remenham and Medmenham; including Middle and Lower Assendon on the Assendon Stream, and Skirmett and Hambleden on the Hambledon Brook

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  • Region:


  • Floodline:

    Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188, select option 1 and enter Quickdial number 171221 to get more information

  • Related Flood Warning Areas

    This area is covered by our general early notification of possible flooding, known as Flood Alert. We can also issue more specific Flood Warnings in this area. Follow the link(s) below to check if Flood Warnings are also in force for the following location(s):

  • Previous statuses:

    • Warning no longer in force 15:11 on 28 Apr 2014
    • Flood Alert 12:35 on 26 Apr 2014
    • No warning 11:07 on 11 Mar 2014
    • Warning no longer in force 10:52 on 10 Mar 2014
    • Flood Alert 08:00 on 24 Dec 2013