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12:07 on 12 Feb 2016  Pages are updated every 15 minutes

River Thames from Shepperton to Molesey

  • Current status:

    Flood Alert

    Flood Alert

    Flood status last changed at  13:32 on 09 Feb 2016

  • Location:

    River Thames from Shepperton to West and East Molesey including Hamm Court, Walton-on-Thames and Sunbury

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  • Region:


Latest Information:

  • The River and Flooding forecast is as follows: Levels on the River Thames are steady yet remain high in the Shepperton and Molesey areas. The level should start to fall slowly over the coming days but remain sensitive to further rainfall. Flooding of low lying land and roads is no longer expected. No property flooding is expected. The weather prospects are for a dry evening and night.

    17:37 on 11 Feb 2016

  • Previous statuses:

    • No warning 14:52 on 16 Jan 2016
    • Warning no longer in force 13:57 on 15 Jan 2016
    • Flood Alert 08:39 on 10 Jan 2016
    • No warning 17:07 on 20 Jan 2015
    • Warning no longer in force 16:48 on 19 Jan 2015