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08:37 on 10 Feb 2016  Pages are updated every 15 minutes

River Blackwater and The Cove Brook

  • Current status:

    Flood Alert

    Flood Alert

    Flood status last changed at  18:00 on 07 Feb 2016

  • Location:

    River Blackwater including Badshot Lea, Aldershot, Farnborough, Camberley, Sandhurst, Eversley, Bramshill and Swallowfield, and the Cove Brook at Farnborough and Cove

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Latest Information:

  • Property flooding is not expected. River levels on The River Blackwater have continued to fall slowly in the Eversley and Swallowfield areas and are within banks. However river levels remain high and are sensitive to any further rainfall this evening and could rise again. Therefore a Flood Alert remains in force. There is still likely to be standing water on the flood plain in the Swallowfield area. Showers are forecast this evening, some of these showers may be heavy in nature. Wednesday is currently forecast to be largely dry.

    19:01 on 09 Feb 2016

  • Previous statuses:

    • No warning 16:37 on 13 Jan 2016
    • Warning no longer in force 16:05 on 12 Jan 2016
    • Flood Alert 18:10 on 11 Jan 2016
    • No warning 09:22 on 06 Jan 2016
    • Warning no longer in force 08:45 on 05 Jan 2016