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Upper River Ouse

  • Current status:

    Flood Alert

    Flood Alert

    Flood status last changed at  11:06 on 29 Nov 2015

  • Location:

    Riverside footpaths and low-lying land in York and to the south as far as Naburn Lock, including Kings Staith, Queens Staith, and South Esplanade

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Latest Information:

  • This flood alert remains in force due to high river levels responding to recent rain. The current level of the River Ouse at York Viking is 3.1m or 10 feet 2 inches. River levels are receding during Monday evening, however into Tuesday the river level will rise again in response to today’s rainfall. The River Ouse is currently forecast to reach 3.4m or 11 foot 2 inches late Tuesday morning. Levels will continue to remain high. In York the floodgates near Scarborough Bridge have been closed and footpaths on the north bank of the River Ouse will be inaccessible. We will continue to monitor the situation.

    20:55 on 30 Nov 2015

  • Previous statuses:

    • No warning 08:22 on 24 Nov 2015
    • Warning no longer in force 08:06 on 23 Nov 2015
    • Flood Alert 10:55 on 08 Nov 2015
    • No warning 11:22 on 09 Oct 2015
    • Warning no longer in force 10:18 on 08 Oct 2015