River Levels: Wharfe and Lower Ouse

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Addingham (Langbar) Arthington (Weeton) Cawood (Cawood) Cock Beck Sluices (Tadcaster) Collingham (Collingham) Fleet Pumping Station (Ryther) Flint Mill (Thorp Arch) Ilkley (Ilkley) Kettlewell (Kettlewell) Naburn (Naburn) Otley (Otley) Pool Bridge (Pool) Selby Lock (Selby) Selby Westmill (Selby) Tadcaster (Tadcaster) Bardsey (Bardsey) Bolton Percy (Bolton Percy) Netherside Hall (Threshfield) Addingham, Town Beck (Addingham) Bramham Screens (Bramham) River Levels - Wharfe and Lower Ouse
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