Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Activities

Understanding the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Activities map and data


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    The map shows where flood and coastal erosion risk management schemes or maintenance activities that we or other flood risk management authorities such as local authorities or internal drainage boards are carried.     

  • Types of activities on the map

    Capital schemes involve the construction, improvement or reinstatement of flood and coastal erosion assets that we or other risk management authorities own or manage. These are the larger schemes that cost over £250,000.

    Works 'Restoring Failing Assets to Condition' are discrete works to repair or replace our flood defence assets that inspections show are below an acceptable standard. These are smaller activities that cost less than £250,000.

    Maintenance activities include clearing obstructions from rivers, controlling aquatic weeds, managing grass and trees on flood embankments to help manage flood risk.

    Funding status of your local capital scheme

    The amount of flood and coastal erosion risk management Grant in Aid (funding from defra) available to each capital scheme depends on the number of houses protected, the damages prevented and other benefits a project would deliver. Where there is a shortfall in funding, local contributions are sought.
    To help you understand the funding status of your local scheme, we have assigned a colour to each capital scheme.

    • Green dot or shape: schemes have adequate funding in the current financial year; either from FCRM Grant in Aid and/or contributions from other sources. The Regional Flood and Coastal Committees (RFCC) have approved the funding allocated to them by the Environment Agency Board. We expect the schemes to follow the indicative funding profile given for future years. Grant actually paid will be confirmed on a scheme by scheme basis.
    • Amber dot or shape: schemes have no funding in the current financial year but have indicative funding from the following year. The final decision for each scheme will depend on the availability of FCRM GiA, partnership funding contributions, scheme benefits and costs in that financial year.
    • Red dot or shape: schemes require reduced costs, improved benefits or additional contributions to proceed within the next 5 years.

    The capital schemes and maintenance activities are also available to download in table format from our website.

    Information about your local schemes may be available on our website. 

    Or contact our National Customer Contact Centre by phone. Tel: 08708 506 506 or by email

    Additional information about how we allocate funding is on our website.



Flood & Coastal Erosion Management

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