How to download and use data

How to download from DATA.GOV.UK and use data in your own systems

The Environment Agency is a committed open data organisation.

Our aim is to make as much of our data as possible available free of charge as open data under an Open Government Licence.

Where we are unable to publish data under as open data it may be available under an Environment Agency Conditional Licence.

This means you can download our data and explore it your own systems. The information below provides you with links to resources* to help you use this data.

We publish information about our data, including a link to download it, on DATA.GOV.UK .


How to download data from DATA.GOV.UK

Each Environment Agency dataset has it's own record on DATA.GOV.UK . Each page provides information about the dataset.

By clicking on the "Link" button within the Resource Locator section, you will be taken to where you can download the data from.


How to use shapefiles

Most of our data is provided as shapefiles.

What is a shapefile? - A shapefile is a special file format for spatial data

What do I need to use a shapefile? - You will need special GIS (Geographic Information System) software to use a shapefile, there are a number of online and free applications* that you can use.


How to make maps from spreadsheets

Some of our data is provided in a tabular format (in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or Access databases).

Map addresses using Google Earth

Some dataset provided the location information as coordinates (as either Easting's and Northing's or British National Grid References).

Easting's and Northing's (sometimes shown as X and Y) can be used to show the locations on a map.

Importing a spreadsheet into Google Earth

Below are links to sites* which can convert British National Grid References into Easting's and Northing's:



(*The Environment Agency is not responsible for the content of other sites)