Historic River Quality

Where to find the Historic River Quality (GQA) data

What is Historic River Quality

The General Quality Assessment (GQA) was the Environment Agency's national indicator for water quality in rivers and canals, from 1990 until 2009.
These assessments were made for Biological, Chemical and Nutrients and undertaken at sample points for discrete river stretches.
In 2007 the England GQA river network was reduced to the GQA Headline Indicator river network.
GQA was replaced by the Water Framework Directive in 2009.

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The Historic River Quality (GQA) data is available to download under an Open Government Licence from DATA.GOV.UK 

You will need specific software to be able to view these files  How to download and use data


Please note that the WIYBY service was built to provide members of the public with information so that they can better understand their local environment.

The use of the service for commercial use was not advised as some of the data had been simplified and was against the terms and conditions of use, which did not permit commercial use.