Authorised Landfill Sites

Where to find the Authorised Landfill Sites data

What are Authorised Landfill sites

Authorised Landfill sites are facilities that local authorities and industry take waste to be disposed of in the ground, and that are currently authorised by the Environment Agency under Environmental Permitting Regulations.

Please note that a site can be not currently accepting waste and still be authorised. Site are moved from the Authorised Landfill dataset to the Historic Landfill dataset when the waste licence status changes to:

  • Licence Expired - some licences issued under the Control of Pollution Act 1974 were time limited and expired on the date specified in the licence
  • Licence Revoked - licence has been entirely revoked and is no longer in force
  • Licence Surrendered - operator has successfully surrendered the licence which is no longer in force.


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Authorised Landfill data is available to download under an Environment Agency Conditional Licence from DATA.GOV.UK

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For information about specific authorised landfill sites, please contact


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