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Coastal erosion map and how to use it

The erosion information shown on this website is intended for guidance, and cannot provide details for individual properties.

Step one – find your local area

  • Post code/place name search: enter your post code or town/village name in the search box; this will take you to a map of your area. Use the +/- zoom scale on the left of the map, or your mouse wheel, to zoom in further if necessary.
  • If there are multiple options for your town or you enter an incomplete postcode, you may be given a list to choose from to ensure you are taken to the correct place.
  • To navigate around the map, left click on your mouse and hold down to drag the map as you move the mouse. You can also use the panning arrows at the top left of the map.
  • Note that Shoreline Management Plan policies will only be visible from resolutions of 1:750 000 and higher.

Step two – view erosion and shoreline management information

  • Hover your mouse over the coloured line adjacent to the shoreline so that the point of the cursor is on the line itself.
  • This line shows the currently agreed management policy for your selected point on the coast – use the information tab in the map legend for important information about what these policies mean.
  • Click once over the coloured line.
  • You will be taken to a separate page showing the summary details for that point, including the SMP policies and erosion predicted over the short term (to about 2030), medium term (to about 2060) and long term (to about 2100).
  • For more on how to interpret this information, see understanding the erosion information.

Having technical problems viewing the information?

I can’t zoom in enough to view my property

This information provides general guidance about erosion risk, but is not intended to provide detailed information about risk to individual properties.

Clicking on the symbols on the map does not display any information

Erosion information will only appear when you click on the thick coloured line following the shoreline. The symbols and writing on the background map are for context only, showing the location of roads, settlements and principal features to help you locate your area of interest. To view results, make sure the point of the cursor is on the bold coloured line surrounding the coast, and that you are zoomed in to a scale of at least 1:750 000.   

I can't see the Shoreline Management Plan policy displayed where I live

In some areas, information is not currently published on this website, usually because the erosion data has only very recently been finalised. Some estuary areas are not shown on this website.

Your Shoreline Management Plan will contain information in these cases, and there may be further information available from the local authority.

I can’t see a key to the map symbols

The key to the left of the map describes only how the management policies agreed in your Shoreline Management Plan are represented – it is not for the background Ordnance Survey map.  

I want a hard copy of this information

You can receive this information in a ‘fixed format’ either by e-mail or post, by calling us on 03708 506 506.

For more help, or to report technical faults with this website, please contact us on 03708 506 506.

For all flooding enquiries, please contact your local Environment Agency Office. For specific enquiries about coastal erosion management in your selected area, please contact the local authority shown above.

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