2017 Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZ) Datasheets

Surface Water Datasheets

S221 - Willow Burn (Tweed) (PDF, 3.20MB)

S222 - Pow Beck (Wampool) (PDF, 2.66MB)

S223 - Great Gutter (PDF, 1.20MB)

S227 - Petteril Tributary (PDF, 2.88MB)

S228 - Blackrack Beck (PDF, 3.54MB)

S229 - River Petteril downstream Black Beck (PDF, 2.67MB)

S230 - Bothal Burn Catchment (PDF, 3.45MB)

S231 - Pont from Small Burn to Blyth (PDF, 2.89MB)

S232 - Pont Burn Catchment (PDF, 4.79MB)

S234 - Team from Source to Wear (PDF, 5.17MB)

S236 - Smallhope Burn from Source to Browney (PDF, 4.31MB)

S237 - Valley Burn from Source to Wear (PDF, 4.06B)

S238 - Croxdale Beck from Source to Wear (PDF, 3.93MB)

S239 - Lumley Park Burn from Herrington Burn to R Wear (PDF, 4.57MB)

S240 - Cong Burn from Twizell Burn to Wear NVZ (PDF, 4.61MB)

S241 - Clow Beck from Aldborough Beck to Tees (PDF, 1.66MB)

S242 - Killerby Beck Catchment (trib of Tees) (PDF, 2.95MB)

S243 - SKERNE (PDF, 2.62MB)

S244 - Lustrum Beck Catchment (trib of Tees) (PDF, 4.09MB)

S245 - Billingham Beck from Brierley Beck to River Tees (PDF, 4.11MB)

S246 - Winestead Drain from Source to Humber (PDF, 2.35MB)

S247 - Wyton Drain/Sproatley Drain from Source to Humber (PDF, 2.63MB)

S248 - Mill Beck 2 (Ellerker Area) (PDF, 3.34MB)

S249 - Foulness from Black Beck to Market Weighton Canal (PDF, 1.56MB)

S250 - Market Weighton Canal/Bk from Source to Humber (PDF, 1.78MB)

S251 - Holderness Drain from Fordyke Stream to Humber (PDF, 1.61MB)

S252 - Brough Area (PDF, 3.84MB)

S253 - Burstwick Drain from Source to Humber (PDF, 2.67MB)

S254 - River Hull from Arram Beck to Humber (PDF, 3.23MB)

S255 - Sands/Keyingham/Roos Drain from Source to Humber (PDF, 2.57MB)

S258 - Gypsey Race from Source to North Sea (PDF, 2.24MB)

S259 - Barmston Sea Drain from Skipsea Drain to North Sea (PDF, 1.36MB)

S260 - Hooton Brook from Source to River Don (PDF, 4.22MB)

S261 - Blackburn Brook from Source to River Don (PDF, 4.63MB)


S263 - Bentley Mill Stream Lower to River Don (PDF, 3.76MB)

S267 - River Rother (source to Don) (PDF, 3.76MB)

S268 - Owler Beck from Source to River Calder (PDF, 4.06MB)

S269 - Oakenshaw Beck from Source to River Calder (PDF, 4.46MB)

S270 - Oulton Beck from Source to River Aire (PDF, 4.15MB)

S271 - Spen Beck from Source to River Calder (PDF, 4.99MB)

S272 - The Fleet from Source to River Aire (PDF, 3.34MB)

S273 - Milshaw Beck from Source to Low/Wortley/Pudsey Bks (PDF, 5.02MB)

S274 - Aire from River Calder to River Ouse (PDF, 2.34MB)

S275 - Lin Dike from Source to River Aire (PDF, 3.31MB)

S277 - Ea Beck from the Skell to Goosepool Drain (PDF, 3.85MB)

S278 - River Dearne (PDF, 3.57MB)

S279 - Ea Beck from Abbess Dyke to River Don (PDF, 3.13MB)

S280 - Bramwith Drain from Source to River Don (PDF, 2.70MB)

S281 - Swinefleet Warping Drain Source to River Ouse (PDF, 2.44MB)

S282 - Lowmoor Drain Catch (trib of Derwent) (PDF, 2.74MB)

S283 - Blackfoss Bk lower Catch (trib of Pocklington Bk) (PDF, 1.70MB)

S284 - River Foss from the Syke to the River Ouse (PDF, 2.05MB)

S285 - Menethorpe Beck catch (trib of Derwent) (PDF, 3.17MB)

S287 - Selby Dam from Conf. Fox Dike and Carr Dike to Ouse (PDF, 1.66MB)

S288 - Riccall Dam Catchment (trib of Ouse) (PDF, 2.70MB)

S289 - Ouse from Naburn to Stillingfleet (PDF, 3.58MB)

S290 - Crimple Beck from Source to River Nidd (PDF, 4.22MB)

S291 - The Foss/Moor Drain from Foss Dike to River Ouse (PDF, 2.87MB)

S292 - River Kyle from New Parks Beck to River Ouse (PDF, 2.08MB)

S293 - Cock Beck Catchment (trib of Wharfe) (PDF, 4.02MB)

S294 - Thorner Beck Catchment (trib of Wharfe) (PDF, 3.55MB)

S295 - Collingham Bk Catchment (trib of Wharfe) (PDF, 3.42MB)

S296 - The Foss Catchment (trib of Wharfe) (PDF, 3.16MB)

S297 - The Fleet/The Foss from Source to River Wharfe (PDF, 3.35MB)

S298 - LOWER DON (PDF, 2.63MB)

S299 - Went from Blowell Drain to the River Don (PDF, 2.45MB)

S300 - Settrington Beck catch (trib of Derwent) (PDF, 3.45MB)

S301 - Scampston Beck catchment (trib of Derwent) (PDF, 3.06MB)

S302 - River Hertford from Source to Eastfield Drain (PDF, 3.12MB)

S303 - River Derwent from Kirkham to Elvington Beck (PDF, 1.76MB)

S305 - Cundall Beck/Soppa Gutter Catch (trib of Swale) (PDF, 2.78MB)

S306 - Healam Beck from Burniston Bk to River Swale (PDF, 3.16MB)

S307 - River Wiske from Trenholme Stell to River Swale (PDF, 2.21MB)

S308 - River Trent (source to confluence with Derwent) (PDF, 4.91MB)

S309 - River Soar (PDF, 5.17MB)

S310 - Carr Brook (PDF, 3.89MB)

S313 - Bottle Brook catchment (trib of R Derwent) (PDF, 4.35MB)

S314 - River Amber from Alfreton Brook to R Derwent (PDF, 2.20MB)

S316 - River Erewash from Gilt Brook to River Trent (PDF, 2.68MB)

S317 - River Smite (PDF, 3MB)

S318 - Mackworth Brook (PDF, 3.64MB)

S319 - River Leen from Source to Day Brook (PDF, 4.78MB)

S320 - River Trent from River Soar to Carlton-on-Trent (PDF, 4.09MB)

S322 - Fairham Brook Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 3.78MB)

S324 - Polser Brook from Cotgrave Brook to River Trent (PDF, 3.65MB)

S325 - Ouse Dyke catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 4.92MB)

S326 - Cocker Beck catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 3.23MB)

S327 - Causeway Dyke Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.70MB)

S328 - Hallhaughton Dumble Catchment (trib of R Greet) (PDF, 1.54MB)

S329 - Dover Beck Catchment (trib of the Trent) (PDF, 4.18MB)

S330 - River Trent bifurcation Pingley Dyke to Winthorpe (PDF, 3.30MB)

S331 - The Fleet Upper Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.86MB)

S332 - The Beck Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 3.35MB)

S333 - Marton Drain Catchment (trib of R Trent) (PDF, 2.64MB)

S334 - River Eau from Kirton Lindsey Trib to R Trent (PDF, 2.09MB)

S335 - River Idle from River Ryton to River Trent (PDF, 4.44MB)

S336 - Laughton Drain from Source to River Trent (PDF, 2.84MB)

S337 - Ferry Drain / Warping Drain Catch (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.59MB)

S338 - The Fleet Lower Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.70MB)

S339 - Goosemoor Dyke from Moorhouse Beck to River Trent (PDF, 3.18MB)

S340 - Fledborough Beck (River Trent Catchment) (PDF, 2.54MB)

S341 - Sewer Drain from Source to River Trent (PDF, 2.88MB)

S342 - North Beck from Tuxford Beck to River Trent (PDF, 3.00MB)

S343 - Seymour Drain Catchment (trib of River Trent) (PDF, 3.08MB)

S344 - Catchwater Drain catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 3.13MB)

S345 - Wheatley Beck Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.50MB)

S347 - R Trent from Carlton-on-Trent to Laughton Drain (PDF, 3.57MB)

S348 - Bottesford Beck Catchment (trib of R Trent) (PDF, 3.54MB)

S349 - Paupers Drain Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.40MB)

S350 - Adlingfleet Drain Upper Catchment (trib of Trent) (PDF, 2.32MB)

S351 - R Torne / Three Rivers from Mother Drain to R Trent (PDF, 2.80MB)

S352 - North Soak Drain (trib of R Torne / Three Rivers) (PDF, 1.40MB)

S353 - Louth Canal (PDF, 1.78MB)

S354 - Waithe Beck lower catchment (to Tetney Lock) (PDF, 1.66MB)

S356 - Ancholme from Bishopbridge to the Humber (PDF, 3.15MB)

S357 - Lacby Beck / River Freshney Catchment (to N Sea) (PDF, 2.27MB)

S359 - North Beck Drain (PDF, 2.09MB)

S360 - Barrow Beck (PDF, 2.86MB)

S361 - Skitter Beck / East Halton Beck (PDF, 1.78MB)

S362 - Winterton Beck from Source to the Humber (PDF, 2.86MB)

S363 - Woldgrift Drain (PDF, 2.82MB)

S365 - Great Eau (downstream of South Thoresby) (PDF, 1.81MB)

S366 - South Dike and Grayfleet Drain (PDF, 2.81MB)

S367 - Ingoldmells Main Drain (PDF, 2.50MB)

S368 - Willoughby High Drain (PDF, 3.03MB)

S374 - Fossdyke Canal (PDF, 2.43MB)

S375 - Lower Witham (PDF, 3.12MB)

S376 - Lymn / Steeping (PDF, 1.96MB)

S378 - Glen (PDF, 2.56MB)

S379 - Vernatt’s Drain (PDF, 1.87MB)

S381 - Risegate Eau (PDF, 2.67MB)

S382 - River Nene (PDF, 4.60MB)

S383 - Babingley River (PDF, 1.57B)

S384 - Mintlyn Stream (PDF, 3.28MB)

S385 - Gaywood River (PDF, 1.44MB)

S386 - Middle Level (PDF, 3.31MB)

S388 - Country Drain (PDF, 1.50MB)

S389 - Nar upstream of Abbey Farm (PDF, 1.75MB)

S390 - Ely Ouse and Cut-off channel (PDF, 2.70MB)

S391 - Great Ouse (PDF, 2.80MB)

S392 - Ingol (PDF, 3.00MB)

S393 - Heacham River (PDF, 3.18MB)

S394 - Hempnall Beck (PDF, 2.77MB)

S395 - Tas (PDF, 3.90MB)

S396 - River Waveney (PDF, 3.68MB)

S397 - Tud (PDF, 1.85MB)

S398 - Wendling Beck (PDF, 3.13MB)

S399 - River Chet (PDF, 3.52MB)

S400 - Yare (PDF, 2.53MB)

S401 - Burn (PDF, 2.91MB)

S402 - Glaven (PDF, 3.37MB)

S403 - Binham Tributary (PDF, 2.57MB)

S404 - Mun (PDF, 2.71MB)

S405 - Bucklesham Mill River (PDF, 3.66MB)

S406 - Shottisham Mill River (PDF, 3.52MB)

S407 - Lark/Fynn (PDF, 5.50MB)

S410 - Belstead Brook (PDF, 3.96MB)

S411 - Alde (PDF, 2.26MB)

S412 - Fromus (PDF, 3.38MB)

S413 - Easton Broad (PDF, 2.60MB)

S414 - Lothingland Hundred (PDF, 3.64MB)

S415 - Leiston Beck and Minsmere Old River (PDF, 3.64MB)

S416 - River Gipping (PDF, 2.29MB)

S417 - Blyth (PDF,1.45MB)

S418 - Wang (PDF, 3.02MB)

S419 - Deben (PDF, 1.85MB)

S421 - Ramsey River (PDF, 3.08MB)

S422 - Holbrook (PDF, 3.54MB)

S423 - Stutton Brook (PDF, 3.50MB)

S424 - Lower Stour (PDF, 3.81MB)

S425 - Crouch (PDF, 3.97MB)

S426 - Southminster Ditches (PDF, 2.53MB)

S427 - River Roach, Nobles Ditch and Eastwood Brook (PDF, 3.84MB)

S428 - River Chelmer (PDF, 3.89MB)

S429 - Spickets Brook (PDF, 3.31MB)

S430 - Virley Brook (PDF, 2.59MB)

S431 - Layer Brook (PDF, 3.37MB)

S432 - Roman River (PDF, 3.33MB)

S433 - Roman River (PDF, 3.73MB)

S434 - River Blackwater (PDF, 3.13MB)

S435 - Tenpenny Brook (PDF, 3.37MB)

S436 - Salary Brook (PDF, 3.56MB)

S437 - Colne (PDF, 2.84MB)

S438 - Holland Brook (PDF, 3.48MB)

S439 - Rom / Beam (Including Bourne Brook, from Watton’s Green to confluence with Ravensbourne) (PDF, 4.21MB)

S440 - Ingrebourne (PDF, 2.82MB)

S441 - Roding (Cripsey Brook to Loxford Water) (PDF, 3.70MB)

S442 - Mardyke (PDF, 4.11MB)

S443 - LEE (PDF, 4.95MB)

S445 - Chertsey Bourne (Chertsey to River Thames confluence) (PDF, 1.88MB)

S447 - Hart (Elvetham to Hartley Wintney) (PDF, 4.64MB)

S449 - Barkham Brook (PDF, 4.67MB)

S450 - Hogsmill (PDF, 1.85MB)

S451 - MOLE (PDF, 4.01MB)

S453 - Cranleigh Waters (PDF, 4.63MB)

S455 - Beverley Brook (Motspur Park to Thames) and Pyl Brook at West Barnes (PDF, 1.75MB)

S456 - Tuckmill Brook and tributaries (PDF, 3.01MB)

S457 - Thames (Churn to Coln) (PDF, 3.69MB)

S458 - Colne and GUC (from confluence with Chess to Ash) (PDF, 4.86MB)

S459 - Foudry Brook (West End Brook to M4) (PDF, 4.35MB)

S460 - Emm Brook (PDF, 4.39MB)

S462 - Sulham Brook (PDF 4.58MB)

S464 - Wandle (Croydon to Wandsworth) and the R. Gravney (PDF, 2.13MB)

S465 - Cut (Binfield to River Thames confluence) and Maidenhead Ditch (PDF, 1.99MB)

S466 - Roundmoor Ditch and Boveney Ditch (PDF, 5.42MB)

S467 - Cholsey Brook and tributaries (PDF , 2.97MB)

S468 - Moor Ditch and Ladygrove Ditch (PDF , 3.21MB)

S469 - Ginge Brook and Mill Brook (PDF , 3.42MB)

S470 - Wadley Stream (Source to Thames at Duxford) (PDF , 2.68MB)

S471 - Great brook (Shill Brook to Thames) (PDF , 1.52MB)

S472 - Cherwell (Ray to Thames) and Woodeaton Brook (PDF , 4.13MB)

S473 - Evenlode (Glyme to Thames) (PDF , 3.63MB)

S474 - Glyme (Dorn confluence to Evenlode) (PDF , 3.78MB)

S475 - Evenlode (Bledington to Glyme confluence) (PDF , 2.23MB)

S476 - Leach (Source to Thames) (PDF , 1.56MB)

S477 - Northfield Brook (Source to Thames) at Sandford (PDF , 4.35MB)

S478 - Filchhampstead Brook at Farmoor (PDF , 3.78MB)

S479 - Thame (Scotsgrove Brook to Thames) (PDF , 3.87MB)

S480 - Chil and Limb Brooks (source to B4044) (PDF , 3.00MB)

S481 - Thames Wallingford to Caversham (PDF , 2.18MB)


S483 - Windrush and tributaries (Little Rissington to Thames) (PDF, 2.10MB)

S484 - Taynton Stream (source to Windrush) (PDF, 2.91MB)

S485 - Slade Barn Stream (Source to Windrush) (PDF, 4.18MB)

S486 - Tributary of Beult at Sutton Valance (PDF, 3.39MB)

S487 - Eden Brook East of Lingfield (PDF, 4.23MB)

S488 - Medway at Weir Wood (PDF, 4.94MB)

S489 - Barden Mill Stream (PDF, 5.03MB)

S490 - Tudeley Brook (PDF, 3.97MB)

S491 - Teise (PDF, 3.91MB)

S493 - Ditton Stream (PDF, 4.53MB)

S494 - Bourne (PDF, 4.42MB)

S495 - Upper Beult (PDF, 4.00MB)

S496 - Hammer Stream (PDF, 3.90MB)

S497 - Grom (PDF, 4.24MB)

S498 - Loose Stream (PDF, 4.12MB)

S499 - Upper Eden (PDF, 4.00MB)

S500 - Gibbs Brook (PDF, 4.48MB)

S501 - White Kemp and Jury’s Gut Sewer (PDF, 2.42MB)

S502 - Brede between Battle and Winchelsea (PDF, 1.79MB)

S503 - Tillingham (PDF, 4.02MB)

S504 - Rother between Witherenden Hill and Etchingham (PDF, 3.55MB)

S505 - Kent Ditch (PDF, 3.91MB)

S506 - Limden (PDF, 3.69MB)

S507 - Tidebrook (PDF, 4.20MB)

S508 - Newmill Channel downstream of A28 (PDF, 4.09MB)

S509 - Lower Rother from Robertsbridge to Iden (PDF, 1.81MB)

S510 - Cradlebridge Petty Sewer (PDF, 3.41MB)

S511 - North and South Streams in the Lydden Valley (PDF, 3.80MB)

S512 - Wingham River (PDF, 3.86MB)

S513 - Hexden Channel (PDF, 4.40MB)

S514 - Romney Marsh between Appledore and West Hythe (PDF, 1.73MB)

S515 - R. GREAT STOUR (PDF, 2.90MB)

S516 - Broad Rife (PDF, 2.99MB)

S517 - Aldingbourne Rife (PDF, 4.11MB)

S518 - Cuckmere from Warbleton to Lower Horsebridge (PDF, 4.24MB)

S520 - Hurst Haven at Hailsham (PDF, 3.22MB)

S521 - River Uck, Ridgewood stream confluence to Ford (PDF, 4.78MB)

S522 - Adur East (Sakeham) (PDF, 4.87MB)

S523 - River Arun (u/s Pallingham) (PDF, 3.19MB)

S524 - Stone Farm Stream (PDF, 1.21MB)

S525 - Avon Water (PDF, 4.16MB)

S526 - Whiteparish Trib (PDF, 4.05MB)

S527 - R. Meon (PDF, 4.01MB)

S528 - Wallop Brook (PDF , 3.20MB)

S529 - Atherfield Stream (PDF , 3.13MB)

S530 - Thorley Brook (PDF , 3.50MB)

S531 - Wroxall Stream (PDF , 3.86MB)

S532 - TARRANT (PDF , 2.38MB)

S533 - Tadnoll Brook (including Empool Bottom) (PDF , 3.76MB)

S534 - DEVILS BROOK (PDF , 3.65MB)


S536 - CLYST (PDF , 3.97MB)

S537 - River Weaver (PDF , 3.49MB)

S538 - YEO (CREEDY) (PDF , 4.03MB)

S539 - Avon (Dev.Tidal) and Sth Hams (PDF , 3.53MB)




S547 - LAM BK (PDF , 3.61MB)

S548 - WELLHAMS BK (PDF , 3.33MB)

S550 - YEO (PDF , 3.79MB)

S551 - SHEPPEY (PDF , 1.67MB)

S552 - BRUE (PDF , 3.18MB)

S553 - SHEPPEY (PDF , 3.79MB)


S555 - STOGURSEY BK (PDF , 3.18MB)

S557 - R Chew - source to conf Winford Bk (PDF , 3.89MB)

S558 - Newton Bk - source to conf R Avon (Brist) (PDF , 3.94MB)

S559 - South Brook - source to conf R Avon (Brist) (PDF , 3.51MB)

S560 - Bydemill Bk - source to conf RIver Avon (Brist) (PDF , 3.13MB)

S562 - R Marden - source to conf Abberd Bk (PDF , 3.83MB)

S563 - R Marden - conf Abberd Bk to conf unnamed trib (PDF , 1.49MB)

S564 - Rodden Bk - source to conf R Frome (PDF , 3.96MB)

S565 - Summerham Bk - Poulshot Str to conf Semington Bk (PDF , 3.43MB)

S566 - Wellow Bk - conf Lyde Bk to conf Cam Bk (PDF , 1.69MB)

S568 - Doncombe Bk - source to conf By Bk (PDF , 4.26MB)

S570 - R Boyd - source to conf R Avon (Brist) (PDF , 3.54MB)

S571 - Cowage Bk - conf unnamed trib to conf R Marden (PDF , 3.25MB)

S572 - Sherston Avon (PDF , 3.49MB)

S575 - Brinkworth Bk- Hancocks Wtr to conf R Avon (Brist) (PDF , 3.69MB)

S576 - Tetbury Avon - unnamed trib to conf Sherston Avon (PDF , 2.94MB)

S577 - Tetbury Avon - source to conf unnamed trib (PDF , 3.42MB)

S578 - R Leadon - Glynch Bk to conf R Severn (W Channel) (PDF , 3.00MB)

S579 - Hatherley Bk - conf Norman’s Bk to conf R Severn (PDF , 4.05MB)

S580 - River Chelt (PDF , 4.44MB)

S581 - Hatfield Bk - Source to R Severn (PDF, 3.86MB)

S582 - River Swilgate (PDF, 3.94MB)

S583 - Leigh-Cradley Bk - source to conf unnamed trib (PDF, 4.57MB)

S585 - Grimley Bk - source to conf R Severn (PDF, 3.85MB)

S586 - R Swalwarpe - conf Elmbridge Bk to Conf R Severn (PDF, 1.99MB)

S587 - Shrawley Bk - Source to conf R Severn (PDF, 4.53MB)

S588 Dick Bk - Source to conf R Severn (PDF, 4.34MB)

S589 Laughem Bk - source to conf R Teme (PDF, 4.20MB)

S590 River Avon (to confluence with River Severn) (PDF, 4.01MB)

S592 Hartlebury Bk - source to conf R Severn (PDF, 4.22MB)

S593 Hampton Loade Bk - source to conf R Severn (PDF, 3.98MB)

S594 R Stour (Worcs) - conf Smestow Bk to conf R Severn (PDF, 3.49MB)

S595 R Severn - conf R Stour to conf River Teme (PDF, 1.89MB)

S596 R Severn - conf R Worfe to conf R Stour (PDF, 2.69MB)

S597 Much Wenlock-Farley Bk - Source to conf R Severn (PDF, 4.28 MB)

S598 R Tem - conf R Roden to conf R Severn (PDF, 3.80MB)

S599 Sundome Bk - Source to Conf R Severn (PDF, 3.49MB)

S600 Weir Bk - source to conf R Severn (PDF, 3.17MB)

S601 R Worfe - conf Wesley Bk to conf R severn (PDF, 2.54MB)

S602 Common Bk - source to conf R Perry (PDF, 2.86MB)

S603 Tetchill Bk - source to conf R perry (PDF, 3.05MB)

S605 Walford Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 4.92MB)

S606 Rudhall Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 4.21MB)

S607 Honeylake Bk - source to conf Little Arrow (PDF, 3.56MB)

S608 Stretford Bk - conf Tippets Bk to conf R Arrow (PDF, 3.42MB)

S609 Withington Marsh Bk - source to conf R Little Lugg (PDF, 3.43MB)

S610 R Little Lugg - near WyattFm to conf R Lugg (PDF, 2.82MB)

S611 Bodenham Bk - source to conf R Lugg (PDF, 3.47MB)

S612 Wellington Bk - source to conf R Lugg (PDF, 3.52MB)

S613 R Lugg - conf R Arrow to conf R wye (PDF, 1.79MB)

S614 Worm Bk - source to conf R Monnow (PDF, 3.87MB)

S615 Wriggle Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 4.17MB)

S616 Cage Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 3.67MB)

S617 Preston Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 3.72MB)

S618 Yazor Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF, 3.78MB)

S619 R Wye - Bredwardine Br to Hampton Bishop (PDF, 1.88MB)

S620 Moreton Bk - source to conf R Lugg (PDF, 3.02MB)

S621 Curl Bk - source to conf R Arrow (PDF, 3.10MB)

S622 Pinsley Bk - source to conf R Lugg (PDF, 3.55MB)

S624 Aldford Brook (PDF, 3.61MB)

S625 Henlake Brook (PDF, 3.15MB)

S627 Worthenbury Brook - middle (PDF, 3.70MB)

S628 Dee - Chester Weir to Ceiriog (PDF, 3.59MB)

S629 River Gowy (Milton Brook to Mersey) (PDF, 3.51MB)

S630 Stanney Mill Brook (PDF, 3.92MB)

S631 Dibbinsdale and Clatter Brook (PDF, 3.82MB) 

S632 Rover Gowy and tribs (Source to Milton Brook) (PDF, 3.72MB)

S633 Milton Brook (PDF, 3.34MB)

S634 Barrow Brook (PDF, 3.52MB)

S635 Peckmill Brook, Hoolpool Gutter at Ince Marshes (PDF, 3.42MB)

S636 River Weaver (Dane to Frodsham) (PDF, 6.48MB)

S637 Whittle Brook (PDF, 4.13MB)

S638 River Irk (Moston Brook to Rover Inwell (PDF, 5.34MB)

S639 Sankey Brook (Black Bk to Mersey) (PDF, 1.78MB)

S640 Ditton Brook (Halewood to Mersey Estuary) (PDF, 4.58MB)

S641 River Glaze (PDF, 1.91MB)

S642 ALT (PDF, 2.05MB)

S644 River Douglas (PDF, 2.32MB)

S645 Tarra Carr Gutter (PDF, 3.88MB)

S661 Leiston Beck (PDF, 3.30MB)






S669 Black Sluice IDB draining to the South Forty Foot Drain (PDF, 3.10MB)

S671 Hawthorn Burn from Source to North Sea (PDF 4.20MB)

S673 Ure from Tornton Steward Beck - River Skell (PDF, 1.65MB)

S674 Day Brook from source to River Lean (PDF, 5.54MB)

S678 North Wey (Alton to Tilford) (PDF, 2.21MB)

S679 Tillingbourne (PDF, 4.87MB)

S680 Cole (Acorn Bridge to South Marston Book) (PDF, 1.11MB)

S681 Ock and tributaries (Land Brook confluence to Thames) (PDF, 2.04MB)

S682 Mill Brook and Bradfords Brook System (PDF, 3.68MB)

S683 Tributary of Beult at Frittenden (PDF 3.70MB)

S685 Pagham Rife (PDF, 4.02MB)

S687 R.Blackwater (PDF, 4.36MB)

S688 North Winterbourne (PDF, 3.99MB)

S691 Horsepool (PDF 1.13MB)

S692 Rodden Stream (PDF 3.12MB)

S694 Cober (PDF, 3.85MB)


S699 Worton Str - source to conf Semington Bk (PDF, 3.18MB)

S700 Broadmead Bk - source to conf by Bk (PDF, 3.57MB)

S703 Tortworth BK - source to conf R Little Avon (PDF, 3.53MB)

S704 Ley Bk - source to R Severn Estuary (PDF 3.15MB)

S707 Pulford Brook (PDF, 3.69MB)

S708 Shotwish Brook (PDF, 3.28MB)



S714 Cow Bank Drain (PDF, 2.66MB)

S715 Fosdyke Bridge Outfall (PDF, 2.62MB)

S716 Witham Drains (PDF, 2.40MB)

S801 Nidd from Crimple Beck to river Ouse (PDF, 3.20MB)

S802 Southall Sewer and Runningwater Brook (PDF, 3.66MB)

S803 Loddon (Hartley Wespall to Sherfield on Loddon (PDF, 4.13MB)

S804 Ewelme Stream (Source to Thames) (PDF, 3.22MB)

S805 Sherway (PDF, 3.02MB)

S806 Somerhill Stream (PDF, 4.17MB)

S808 Chess Stream (PDF, 3.88MB)

S809 Black Sewer (PDF, 4.00MB)

S810 Upper Hamble (PDF, 3.77MB)

S811 Bow Lake (PDF, 4.02MB)

S812 Nun's Walk Stream (PDF, 3,76MB)

S813 Bartley Water (PDF, 4.17MB)

S814 Allen Brook(Maiden brook) (PDF, 4.19MB)

S815 Petherton Stream (PDF, 3.93MB)

S816 Coxbridge Brook (Brue) (PDF, 2.85MB)

S817 Bitham Bk - source to conf Bliss Bk (PDF, 3.90MB)

S818 Hill Pill Rhyne (PDF, 2.74MB)

S819 Willow Brook (Bristol Avon and North Somerset) (PDF, 3.98MB)

S820 Tributary - source to conf by Bk (PDF, 4.05MB)

S821 Norton Bk - source to conf R Wye (PDF,4.06MB)

S822 Blackwater (Wendling Beck) (PDF, 2.90MB)

S823 Wensum (to Tatterford) (PDF, 3.09MB)

S824 Holbeach/Whaplode River (PDF, 3.96MB)

S825 Earls Dyke from Source to North Sea (PDF, 2.36MB)

S826 Calder - Pendle Water to conf Ribble (PDF, 2.68MB)

S827 Ebley Mill to conf R Severn (PDF, 2.16MB) 

S829 Tidal Medway Drain (PDF, 3.54MB)

S830 Tidal Medway Drain B (PDF, 2.69MB)

S831 Counter Drain and 100ft. drain (PDF, 2.03MB)

S832 River Welland (PDF, 4.02MB)

S833 Clayhill Brook (PDF, 3.86MB)

S834 Relief Channel/Polver Drain (PDF, 1.53MB)

Groundwater Datasheets

G3 - Neston (PDF, 1.63MB)

G4 - Hereford (PDF, 2.52MB)

G16 - Castle Cary (PDF, 2.11MB)

G17 - Branscombe (PDF, 1.74MB)

G18 - Mid Devon (PDF, 2.83MB)

G19 - Bantham (PDF, 1.42MB)

G20 - Probus (PDF, 1.50MB)

G21 - St Keverne (PDF 1.37MB)

G22 - Hayle (PDF, 1.63MB)

G23 - Penzance (PDF, 1.42MB)

G24 - Chard (PDF, 1.85MB)

G25 - North Newtown (PDF, 1.50MB)

G26 - West Shropshire (PDF, 1.52MB)

G27 - East Shropshire (PDF, 3.42MB)

G29 - West Midlands (PDF, 4.78MB)

G30 - Staffordshire (PDF, 2.69MB)

G32 - Alveley (PDF, 1.40MB)

G33 - Lichfield (PDF, 2.49MB)

G34 - Burton (PDF, 2.41MB)

G35 - Diddlebury (PDF, 1.53MB)

G36 - Coventry (PDF, 2.52MB)

G38 - Newant (PDF, 1.96MB)

G40 - Nottinghamshire (PDF, 4.95MB)

G45 - Delamere Sands (PDF, 2.35MB)

G46 - Delamere Sandstone (PDF, 2.66MB)

G47 - Peckforton (PDF, 1.48MB)

G48 - Winwick (PDF, 1.74MB)

G50 - Skirwith (PDF, 1.50MB)

G51 - Penrith (PDF, 2.19MB)

G52 - Brampton Sand Sheet (1.72MB)

G53 - Kirby Thore (PDF, 1.53MB)

G56 - Sussex Chalk (PDF, 4.90MB)

G58 - Fareham (PDF, 1.77MB)

G59 - Niton (PDF, 1.62MB)

G60 - Carisbrook (PDF, 1.67MB)

G61 - Petersfield (PDF, 2.32MB)

G63 - Plaxtol (PDF, 1.74MB)

G64 - Maidstone (PDF, 2.61MB)

G65 - North Kent (PDF, 4.5MB)

G66 - Thanet (PDF, 1.63MB)

G67 - East Kent (PDF, 2.57MB)

G69 - Lincolnshire Limestone (PDF, 4.27MB)

G71 - Anglian Chalk (PDF, 5.49MB)

G73 - Anglian Great Oolite (PDF, 2.09MB)

G74 - Bedford Great Oolite (PDF, 1.83MB)

G76 - Woburn Sands (PDF, 2.51MB)

G78 - Sandlings and Chelmsford (PDF, 3.54MB)

G79 - Norwich Crag and Gravels (PDF, 2.52MB)

G80 - Lincolnshire Chalk (PDF, 22.71MB)

G82 - Warmington (PDF, 1.57MB)

G83 - Cotswold Jurassic (PDF, 4.78MB)

G84 - Upper Thames (PDF, 1.81MB)

G85 - Highworth Corallian (PDF, 1.50MB)

G86 - Shrivenham Lower Greensand (PDF, 1.53MB)

G87 - Berkshire Downs (PDF, 6.10MB)

G88 - Sheeplands (PDF, 1.85MB)

G90 - Loseley (PDF, 1.60MB)

G92 - North Mymms (PDF, 1.94MB)

G93 - Hatfield (PDF, 2.64MB)

G97 - Berwick Fell (PDF, 1.93MB)

G98 - Durham (PDF, 2.53MB)

G100 - Low Dinsdale (PDF, 1.39MB)

G101 - Yorkshire Mag Limestone PDF, 3.34MB)

G103 - Vale of York (PDF, 2.41MB)

G104 - Vale of Pickering (PDF, 2.14MB)

G105 - Malton Corallian (PDF, 1.67MB)

G106 - Yorkshire Chalk (PDF, 3.25MB)

G107 - Brayton (PDF, 1.45MB)

G108 - Selby (PDF, 2.49MB)

G119 - Rufford (PDF, 1.46MB)

G132 - Holford (PDF, 1.43MB)

G141 - Buntingford Chalk

G143 - Hampshire Chalk

G144 - Huntingdon River Gravels

G145 - Kingsclere and Greywell

G146 - Luton Chalk

G147 - Malton Corallian

G149 - North Staffordshire

G150 - Sandringham Sands South

G151 - South Wessex (PDF, 12.49MB)

G152 - Stansted Mountfitchet

G153 - West Shropshire

G154 - Nancenoy

G156 - Cannington

G157 - Godstone

G158 - Patrixbourne

G160 - Hatherop Downs

G162 - Bicester North

G163 - Offenham

G164 - Balscote

G165 - Northampton Sands

G170 - Pitchford

G171 - Saxthorpe

G172 - Breadsall

G173 - Wilkesley

G174 - Alton

G175 - Marbury

G176 - Wybunbury

G178 - Coningsby

G179 - Flamborough

G180 - St Bees

G181 - Walworth

G717 - Egford

G718 - Sandringham Sands North

G719 - Godshill

G720 - Clavering

G721 - Worts Spring

G722 - Mockbegger and Wineycockshaw

G723 - Westerham

G724 - Dorking (PDF, 1.59MB)

G725 - Leatherhead and Elmer (PDF, 1.7MB)


Eutrophic Lakes Datasheets

Guide to the 2017 NVZ Eutrophic Lake data sheets (PDF, 666KB)

EL101 - Blithfield Reservoir (PDF, 515KB)

EL102 - Groby Pool (PDF, 778KB)

EL103 - Hickling Broad (PDF, 672KB)

EL104 - Horsey Mere (PDF, 519KB)

EL105 - Barton Broad (PDF, 550KB)

EL106 - Cromes Broad (PDF, 511KB)

EL107 - Bure Broads (PDF, 4.35MB)

EL108 - South Walsham Broad (PDF, 544KB)

EL109 - Chew Valley Lake (PDF, 790KB)

EL110 - The Loe (PDF, 486KB)

EL111 - Stewartby Lake (PDF, 524KB)

EL112 - Blagdon Lake (PDF, 706KB)

EL113 - Hornsea Mere (PDF, 462KB)

EL114 - Sowley Pond (PDF, 507KB)

EL115 - Rostherne Mere and the Mere at Mere (PDF, 1.33MB)

EL116 - Comber Mere (PDF, 492KB)

EL117 - Tabley Mere (PDF, 682KB)

EL118 - Jennetts Reservoir (PDF, 599KB)

EL119 - Ellesmere (PDF, 49KB)

EL120 - Slade Lower Reservoir (PDF, 555KB)

EL121 - Crose Mere (PDF, 438KB)

EL122 - Gammaton Lower Reservoir (PDF, 404KB)

EL123 - Betton Pool (PDF, 652KB)

EL124 - Slapton Ley (PDF, 464KB)

EL125 - Clumber Lake and Welbeck Great Lake (PDF, 984KB)

EL126 - Tamar Lakes (PDF, 875KB)

EL127 - Lound Mill Water and Fritton Lake (PDF, 702KB)

EL128 - Betley Mere (PDF, 584KB)

EL129 - Cole Mere (PDF, 461KB)

EL130 - White Mere (PDF, 479KB)

EL131 - Hatch Mere (PDF, 504KB)

EL132 - Drift Reservoir (PDF, 535KB)

EL133 - Weir Wood Reservoirs (PDF, 667KB)

EL134 - Argal and College Reservoirs (PDF, 669KB)

EL135 - Durleigh Reservoir (PDF, 528KB)

EL136 - Sutton Bingham Reservoir (PDF, 533KB)

EL137 - Thurstonfield Lough (PDF, 598KB)

EL138 - Pennington Flash (PDF, 495KB)

EL139 - Chapel Mere (PDF, 462KB)

EL140 - Bar Mere (PDF, 561KB)

EL141 - Fenemere (PDF, 483KB)

EL142 - Marton Pool (PDF, 526KB)

EL143 - Aqualate Mere (PDF, 482KB)

EL144 - Cropston and Swithland Reservoirs (PDF, 1.33MB)

EL145 - Thoresby Lake (PDF, 593KB)

EL146 - Stanford Reservoir (PDF, 504KB)

EL147 - Rockland Broad (PDF, 629KB)

EL148 - Thrapston Lake and Pitsford Water (PDF, 1.07MB)

EL149 - Attenborough Nature Reserve (PDF, 837KB)

EL150 - Trinity Broads (PDF, 1.10MB)


Eutrophic Transitional and Coastal Datasheets

ET0 - Fleet Lagoon (PDF, 2.41MB)

ET1 - Poole Harbour (PDF 3.34MB)

ET2 - Chichester, Langstone and Portsmouth Harbours (PDF, 10.06MB)

ET3 - Hamble Estuary (PDF, 4.28MB)

ET4 - Lindisfarne NNR (PDF, 4.16MB)

ET5 - Truro, Tresillian and Fal (PDF, 2.30MB)

ET6 - Taw Estuary (PDF, 3.02MB)

ET7 - Newtown Harbour, Mediina Estuary and Eastern Yar (PDF, 7.84MB)

ET8 - Kingsbridge Estuary (PDF, 4.51MB)