Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd a pheidiwch ag argraffu hwn os nad oes arnoch wirioneddol angen gwneud hynny


Why do we monitor pollution in this way?

Pollution from industry is controlled under a number of EC directives, one of the most important is the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Directive (IPPC). The aim of this legislation is to reduce pollution consistently across Europe.. In England and Wales IPPC is implemented at through the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2008, which were made under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999.

These regulations divide polluting industry into various parts depending on how much of a polluting impact the industry could have. We regulate the Part A1, more polluting industries.

These include:

  • Fuel and power production
  • Metal production and processing
  • Mineral industries
  • Chemical industries 
  • Waste landfill sites 
  • Waste treatment, transfer and storage sites 
  • Other industries such as paper, pulp and board manufacturing and tar and bitumen activities

These are the industries that will submit their emissions report to the Pollution Inventory. The inventory also includes emissions from sewage treatment works and sites which use radioactive materials.

Local authorities regulate Part A2 and Part B, less polluting industries and the Pollution Inventory does not contain data for these.