Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd a pheidiwch ag argraffu hwn os nad oes arnoch wirioneddol angen gwneud hynny

Waste transfer data

From 1998-2002 site operators of waste transfer stations had to provide information on the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste they transferred off site each year. They also had to provide a breakdown of whether this was disposed of (landfill, incineration, other) or recovered (as fuel, recycled, other).

From 2003 a new system came in which asks operators to report the annual mass of waste they transferred in tonnes. This must be broken down by waste type and Waste Framework Directive disposal and recovery (D&R) codes. A threshold of 0 is set for hazardous waste and 5t for non-hazardous waste.

We want to gather detailed information on what type of waste is transferred and what happens to it, so we can encourage industry to reduce the volume of waste they produce, use more environmentally friendly materials and to move away from disposal to recovery techniques.

Sites that are licensed to use radioactive substances must report the quantities of alpha, beta/gamma and tritium that they transfer for incineration, controlled burial or disposal at Drigg, as well as any other transfers.