Ystyriwch yr amgylchedd a pheidiwch ag argraffu hwn os nad oes arnoch wirioneddol angen gwneud hynny

How do we regulate landfill sites?

Find out about how we make sure landfill sites can minimise impact on the local environment.

We produce around 170 million tonnes of waste from homes and businesses in England and Wales each year. Some of this is reused or recycled, but much of it needs to be landfilled. It’s important that we all try to reduce the amount of waste we produce so that we can rely less on landfill.

It’s our job to license landfill sites and make sure their impact on the environment is minimal. We make sure that they only take appropriate waste and they are in an area which has the least impact on the environment. We inspect landfills regularly to make sure they are operating within the regulations. We make sure that water nearby is not polluted and that site nuisance such as odours, waste blowing across the site, noise, and vermin such as gulls do not affect any communities in the area.