Industrial Pollution

Where to find Industrial Pollution (Pollution Inventory) data

What is Industrial Pollution

The Environment Agecy record pollution released into the environment by industrial sites, this is called the Pollution Inventory.

The Pollution Inventory (PI) provides information on emissions of chemical pollutants from industrial sites in England regulated by us.

Operators must measure or make an estimate of the amount of emissions of each controlled substance every year. They must also specify notifiable releases in a year. Notifiable releases are where there has been an emergency, mis-management, accident or plant failure which has caused pollutants to be released. 

Where the emissions exceed a set threshold for a substance, the operator must report this. If the emission falls below the threshold level this is indicated by “< (less than) threshold value”.

The data is supplied each year by the industrial operator as a legal requirement. We then verify and audit it to confirm that it is correct, prior to publication.  


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Pollution Inventory data is available to download under an Environment Agency Conditional Licence from DATA.GOV.UK

You will need specific software to be able to view these files  How to download and use data


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